The Secret Society of the Historical Pokemon Go

As human’s, it appears we’ve always been lured by the chase, the promise of reward, collecting those rewards, and being [...]

Oh, That’s Beautifully Clever Amazon… Nailing UGC, Customer Experience, and Remarketing.

I’m impressed.  Super impressed.  I just received an email from Amazon.ca that blew my digital marketing mind. Here’s the play-by-play [...]

100% of Our Direct Access Digital Team are Google Adwords Certified – Including Our Designers

  At Direct Access Digital we like a challenge. And let’s be fair, anyone working in digital marketing is competitive.  [...]

With 2016 Digital Growth, Direct Access Digital Tags Mick Higgins as Its First Business Development Manager

Toronto, Jan 06 /PRNewswire/ (http://www.directaccessdigital.com) Direct Access Digital (DAD) welcomes Mick Higgins who brings over a decade of experience in [...]

Website Architecture: Subfolders vs. Subdirectory for Your Blog

SubDomain: http://blog.sitename.com  vs.  Subfolder /SubDirectory: http://sitename.com/blog/ After completing an SEO audit for one of our clients I recommended using a subfolder instead [...]

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