Search engine optimization (SEO) is a science and an art. Advanced search engine optimization ties in your social media, schema, mark-up, local and branded search, on-page and off-page short and long term strategies. Our SEOs have 15+ years’ experience.

“Set it and forget it” just isn’t an option – to increase your website traffic and boost your position in search engine rankings, diligent monitoring, deep analysis, and constant adjustment of content and strategy are all a must.

We don't just tweak your metas and title tags but we provide a deep dive into content, keyword analysis (not just lists), deep analysis of your competitors and complete strategy. We are proactive and reactive to algorithm changes and we are as excited as you are when things start to rank - especially when they aren't your branded terms.
The algorithm changes frequently. Staying ahead of all changes, like the Panda, Penguin and Mobilegeddon updates, is important for the health of your site.


Our customized advanced SEO strategies build on the following foundations:
Advanced SEO Audits: we provide heavy analysis into your existing website. On-page and off-page elements with actionable insights for the short and long term. Competitor audits.

Algorithm Updates: if Google’s algorithm has a large update we immediately check and provide actionable items to ensure your site complies to the changes and ask our Google partners for re-inclusions, if necessary.

Content Creation. Regular content updates are critical to the health of your website. If you don’t have content generation resources in house, our creative team can work with you to understand your market and generate fresh, compelling content that will help you build brand autho

Keyword Analysis. We evaluate keyword trends and ranking to identify the short tail and long tail keywords that penetrate with your market. We’ll use these keywords and the search queries of customers in your industry, to optimize your website, boost your position in the search rankings and increase your website traffic. We’ll also manage your local search listing, ensuring it is complete, accurate and optimized for local queries.

On-Page Optimization. Our team will continually assess and evaluate your website, to ensure the latest SEO best practices are met, your content is being crawled and ranked by search engines, and experiences are optimized across all browsers and platforms.

Off-Page Backlink Building. We help you build your website’s authority by building connections in your industry. These relationships lead to high-quality backlinks to your site, which in turn tells the search engines that you’re a brand to be trusted.

SEO for Social Media / Social Media for SEO. Social is becoming more important to Google for ranking and legitimacy factors. We can provide and implement social media analysis, strategy and implementation.


We don't promise that you can rank #1 for every one of your keywords. We don't promise that there are keywords you should even try to rank for. Basically, like everything at Direct Access Digital, we are honest and transparent and will never over-promise. For example: if you want to rank for something that has a lot of government and edu sites in the top 10, it could be nearly impossible to out rank them. We will suggest a different strategy.

Sometimes it's a combination of paid and organic. We are experts at paid search too. We won the 2014 and 2015 Google Search Excellence Award - it is only given out to two Canadian's a Year.


When you partner with Direct Access Digital, you’re building a lasting relationship. You can count on us for:

  • Natural, authentic website growth leading to long-term, stable results
  • Establishing trust with users by backing up search rankings with a great experience
  • Regular analysis and strategy adjustments to keep your SEO objectives on track
  • Increased visibility and more website visitors
  • Increased onsite conversions from satisfied customers

And most importantly, you can count on us to stay ahead of all major search engine updates. With Direct Access Digital, you never have to worry about what Pandas and Penguins might do to your website.