Local search is a secret weapon in helping smaller businesses set their brands apart from heavy-hitters in their industry. Local search is also an often-overlooked, but extremely important component of any digital marketing program built for a medium or large enterprise. In both cases, if done incorrectly or with only minimal effort, it can also result in a small return on investment, or worse – a big waste of time and money.

Direct Access Digital specializes in this critical component of overall search marketing, and can help you manage the tools and execute the initiatives that will help you boost customer conversion in your local area.


The strategies we build will include these critical elements and much more:

Local Listing Management. We create and manage your local listings on all major directories, including Google Places for Business, and populate them with your current business information – images, contact information, hours of operation, map directories, key markets, customer reviews and much more.

Local Content Marketing Strategy. Local search is a key element of your overall content marketing and search engine optimization strategies. We’ll create a local content marketing strategy based on keyword analysis, market trends and custom content optimized for local search, and will use it to help you boost your local search rankings, increase your brand awareness and optimize conversions in your local area.

Proprietary Platform. Our proprietary local search platform helps business connect with potential customers at the moment they are searching for your services or products.

Reporting and Analysis. As with any digital marketing initiative, reporting and analysis are critical to success. We’ll measure your business’ local SEO metrics, and for full transparency, will report our findings at every step. Through deep analysis and constant optimization, we’ll also make sure that your local search results are always running at maximum performance.


Local search deserves just as much attention as any digital marketing initiative. You can count on us to provide:

  • Expertise on all the latest local search developments.
  • Collaboration on creating messaging and assets targeted to your local market.
  • A fully customized, authentic local search plan that sets you apart from your competitors.

For smaller businesses, local search is also the key to competing with larger, global competitors – and that’s what we care about. As for the medium and large enterprises, local search proficiency is the key to owning and defending your market share in this channel. With Direct Access Digital, you can count on our dedication to helping you capitalize on this important segment of search marketing and maximize your return on investment.