Consumers turn to search engines every day for information on the products and services they need. It only makes sense then, that to increase your customer base, you need to put your business front and centre for the queries and keywords your customers are searching on.

Long before googling became as natural as breathing, our search engine marketing specialists were delving into search engine algorithms to break down their logic and experiment with boosting online performance. We still do that today, and are not only masters of campaign design, but also of the tools and technology necessary to manage successful pay-per-click campaigns.


Direct Access Digital pay-per-click marketing services are built on the following key components:

Proprietary Keyword Research Process. Our proprietary process includes targeted behavioural research, competitive ad mining, competitive site scraping, competitive keyword intelligence tools, keyword prospecting tools and more, all leveraged to find the keywords and phrases your customers are using. With emphasis on uncovering long-tail keywords, in campaigns that often include 10,000+ combinations, we’re able to expand the reach of our campaigns and lower our cost-per-click ratios to well below those of the competition.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting. Paid search campaigns require diligent monitoring and grooming for efficiency, effectiveness and to maintain high quality scores. With full transparency between our team and yours, we’re constantly optimizing our campaigns and analyzing our data for cross-sell, up-sell and re-marketing opportunities that will help you boost your ROI.

High-Quality Lead Generation. High-quality campaigns bring in high-quality customers. It’s that simple. With targeted ad copy, optimal timing and the right platforms for ad delivery, we’ll not only increase traffic to your website, but will target your message to potential customers at the right time and the right place to optimize conversions.


Pay-per-click campaigns are all about experimentation – trying new things and measuring to find out what works and what doesn’t on the fly. Dipping your toe in the waters takes trust, but when you partner with Direct Access Digital, you can count on:

  • An open relationship that helps us understand your business needs, your customer base and your advertising targets.
  • A complete audit of all digital marketing activities and assets to create a seamless experience between pay-per-click ad copy and design and your website.
  • Thoughtful testing to create robust, dynamic campaigns that put you a cut above your customers while adhering to your budgets and goals.

You can also count on us to treat your marketing goals and objectives as our own. We measure our success by your increased customer base and revenue, and we’ll work tirelessly to help you meet your targets.